GTE Government Systems

The challenge was to change the organization from a defense systems supplier with 100% of its business oriented to the needs of the US Dept. of Defense, into an organization focused on commercial products in non- defense markets for 50% of its business.

The objective for the team was to create the Transition Plan. The plan also had to integrate two parts of the division, formerly separate companies with different cultures in two widely separated locations.

The team had members from both locations and in working through the process the mental barriers and misunderstandings that had come between them were removed. This allowed for a joint, creative effort, supported with enthusiasm, which produced a transition plan that succeeded in radically changing the organization in the necessary ways.

John Messier, President, GTE Government Systems
“I can personally attest to the fact that the Complexity Solutions process worked for us. I can also strongly commend Bill Rodger for his insights and talent in helping organizations make the tough decisions required to prosper and grow.”