A Canadian Food Products Company

The challenge was to merge all the operations of four companies owned by a single parent, within a time frame, six months, that had been deemed impossible by an internal task force.

The structured dialogue enabled the managers to deal with the issues and get past some personality differences. In the process they became a high energy team which united behind a single approach.

They presented a plan that met the constraints imposed. The result was a merger of the businesses accomplished within the time and budget constraints that saved the company $35M annually.

An additional challenge, tackled the following year, was to create a master plan for coordinating all the supply chain reengineering projects (17 separate projects) to enable aggressive financial goals to be met.

The result was a plan that has allowed the original reengineering cost saving goal to be doubled and met (now in excess of $140M).

Wayne East, VP Systems
“As you know, most people felt at the outset that the task given us was impossible. The session clarified the goals, generated a team spirit plus a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our project was completed on schedule and was considered a great success by management.”