Georgia Pacific (Pulp & Paper Division)

The goal was to develop a strategy to manage the supply of recycled fiber to the mills.

Two criteria for the design of the strategy were:

  • ensure the reliability of the material supply;
  • the material was to be procured at the lowest economic cost.

Representatives of all the key areas of operations were involved in the six day process. They developed an influence map of the key factors, several of which were major surprises to the group. The team based their strategy design on this new understanding of what was important and fundamental to effectively managing the supply of material. They created a flexible strategy that could track changes in the economy and the business environment.

One specific example of new understanding by the team was the fundamental importance of unloading time at mill sites for supplier trucks. This seemingly minor factor was discovered to be a critical element in building good long-term relationships with a supplier base characterized by a large number of small suppliers.

The strategy has been in place for 4 years and is performing as intended.

Paul Giddens, Georgia Pacific
“The facilitated computer assisted process drove the participants through a rigorous clarification of the problem, development of alternatives and action plan development. Immediate and cost effective application of the process for any major project or team based issue. Very focused, results oriented work.”