Client Feedback

Ann Barnes, Deputy Chief Executive, Stockport Foundation Trust
“I found both the process and the delivery of the workshops, high quality with tangible outcomes. I would, and have, recommended the methodology to colleagues faced with resolving complex problems with multiple stakeholders.”

Ann Schenk, Director of Service Development, Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust
“I found the approach especially helpful because it stimulated an intelligent debate between people coming at the issues from different perspectives, but was successful at distilling a consensus on ‘what really matters’.”

Chris O’Gorman, Associate Director of Joint Commissioning, Manchester PCT
“The Complexity Solutions’ approach is disciplined and rigorous and genuinely does provide a means to see a clear way through even the most challengingly complex projects and programmes.”

Sue Assar, former Project Director, NHS North West
“The process works so well as it is immediately engaging and involving. Collectively we quickly gained insight into the significant issues that we needed to resolve to ensure successful implementation of a major service change.”

Charles Cuddington, former Chief Executive – Large Engines, Rolls-Royce plc
“Both the duration and intensity of the process were challenging, but it was structured in a way which maintained the level of interest and commitment of the participants. It would have been difficult to achieve a successful outcome without such a highly focused and expertly facilitated process.”

Rear Admiral Ian Tibbitt, Royal Navy
“Complexity Solutions decision support tool allowed us to effectively turn an aspirational concept into a deliverable process and organisational construct in just a few days. We generally use Lean tools to focus on improvement of existing processes, but for deciding what the process and structure are to be when only an idea existed before we found the Complexity methodology powerful.”

Michael D. Uva, Managing Director, Head of European Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley
“I personally found the Complexity Solutions approach refreshing and thought provoking. I have also spoken with most of the participants who also feel that the commitment to the process paid off in terms of expanding their understanding of the business, the key issues we face, and the possible actions we should take. Most importantly, we are in the process of following up on the plan we constructed to implement the various ideas that came out of the workshop in an impactful way.”

Joe Fitzgerald, US Dept of Energy
“I am pleased with the work. It was an unprecedented program. The result is breaking many precedents both in time and in the nature of regulation. The whole department feels included in ways they never have before. We are not experiencing the usual ‘pushback’ and resistance from within even though we are opening new territory. We are experiencing unprecedented progress and should have the public rule out in a month or two. (From Oct to Apr is a record by far!) We built relationships through the exercise with the external world and they keep coming back to help us explain and work things internally (which is new).”

Mike Harris, CEO, Egg (UK internet bank)
“In practice the sessions were a significant struggle for people — the level of intensity and rigor was a challenge for many although some loved it. The output however was universally regarded as excellent, we have a level of shared understanding and ‘open-eyed commitment’ that didn’t exist before and which is at a level rare in my experience. Most of the executives (about 10 of the group) regarded it as time extremely well spent, with many conversations that were desperately needed being had for the first time. The proof will be results over the next 6 months but it is already clear that there is a significant shift in the organization’s context. New and aligned priorities have emerged and the budgeting and detailed planning process (which should have been horrible this year) has gone unusually smoothly and easily as a result.”

Bruce G. Orr, Vice President, OrganoSilicones Group, Witco Specialty Fluids (now Crompton Corporation)
“With these results in hand I would strongly recommend other business leaders to seriously consider using (Complexity Solutions) to assist them in dealing with complex, difficult business issues.”

John Messier, President, GTE Government Systems
“I can personally attest to the fact that the Complexity Solutions process worked for us. I can also strongly commend Bill Rodger for his insights and talent in helping organizations make the tough decisions required to prosper and grow.”

Nancy Johansen, Director of Communications, The Trust Companies Association of Canada
“You were right to believe that the strategic planning process would work with this diverse group of industry representatives. The various exercises enabled us to work our way through a complex and controversial problem and come to a consensus that all participants could support.”

Paul Giddens, Georgia Pacific
“The facilitated computer assisted process drove the participants through a rigorous clarification of the problem, development of alternatives and action plan development. Immediate and cost effective application of the process for any major project or team based issue. Very focussed, results oriented work.”

Wayne East, Vice President, Systems, National Grocers
“As you know, most people felt at the outset that the task given us was impossible. The session clarified the goals, generated a team spirit plus a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our project was completed on schedule and was considered a great success by management.”

Jim Ware, VP R&D, TrusJoist (the R&D division of Weyhauser)
“The bigger, more complex and difficult the issue, the bigger the advantage your technique has over other approaches for dealing with it.”

Herb Vinnicombe, CIO, Lucent Technologies. (Lucent CIO / IBM Global Technologies)
“We have achieved more in two days with this process than our two companies have achieved in the past two years.”