• Procurement challenges in Defence

    Procurement challenges in Defence

  • Contingency planning against bio-terrorism in the US hospital network

    Contingency planning against bio-terrorism in the US hospital network

  • Service reconfiguration in the NHS

    Service reconfiguration in the NHS

  • Organisational transformation

    Organisational transformation

Focussing your Intellectual assets to understand and resolve your complex issues

Strategic Planning, Re-organization, Acquisition Integration, Contingency Planning, Developing a Competitive ‘Edge’ — are all complex issues. Most organisations have the intellectual resources to effectively manage these issues but lack the tools and techniques and environment to effectively apply those resources

Understanding Complexity in the Business Context

What We Do

Complexity Solutions develops and applies management tools and processes that help organizations to:

  • catalyze the release of the intelligence, knowledge and energy of their individuals;
  • create shared understanding of the fundamental factors controlling their performance;
  • generate and manage major change initiatives and create breakthroughs in key areas.
The outcomes are supported across the organization by people who have energy, confidence and commitment to action developed through the Complexity Solutions process.

Clear, measurable, non-incremental results are achieved within the first year.

Our Clients

Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations and FTSE 100 companies representing most major industry segments, together with government, academic and non-profit organizations.

NHS Case Study

"Making it Better" represents a transformation of maternity, children's and neonatal services across Greater Manchester. As a first key step in implementation, the Synplex process has been applied by Trust Chief Execs and Directors to help in "clearing the decks", creating a solid foundation for successful delivery.

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Complexity Solutions delivers the key to unlock your intellectual assets

Organisations such as Morgan Stanley, the UK Ministry of Defence and many other FT 100 and Fortune 100 organisations have all benefited through the Complexity Solutions intelligent, pragmatic approach that creates the environment and provides the methodology and the modelling tools to deliver an effective plan.

It's your problem, your intellectual resource, your solution and it's your decision.